December 7, 2021

André Pienaar relief fund established after Senekal protests

André Pienaar: ‘Hulle wil ’n voorbeeld van hom maak.’

Photo: André Pienaar (Genevieve de Jager -Facebook)

A relief fund was set up for André Pienaar to assist with his coming court case after he was arrested at the Senekal protests.

This relief fund already stands at over R130 000 by publication.

Willem Petzer, chairman of the Taxpayers’ Union of South Africa, established this fund and calls on South Africans and especially farmers to stand together and assist Pienaar.

Petzer says the fund will help Pienaar, as well as another man, because they are being prosecuted “like terrorists” on seven serious charges.

Following the Senekal protests, André Pienaar, as well as another man, are being prosecuted on no less than 7 different serious charges.

Pienaar is currently facing seven charges against him and five years in prison, after he was arrested on 6 October 2020 during the march against farm murders on Senekal.

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André Pienaar is charged with arson, public violence, attempted murder, damage to property and assault with intent to do cause grievous bodily harm. The protest took place at the appearance of the suspects in the murder of Brendin Horner.

The murder of 21-year-old Horner made headlines worldwide last year.

Horner was found in a field with a rope tied around his neck to a pole on his farm near Paul Roux.

Meanwhile, the two suspects were acquitted for his murder today and are now only facing stock theft.

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Petzer says the state has opened a massive case with a total of 45 state witnesses.

According to legal experts, the case will last at least 25 days. “If they appoint a good legal team, the legal costs will amount to approximately R40 000 per day. So André’s case looks like it will only cost over a million rand to defend. “I, Willem Petzer, decided to start a legal fund for them. This fund will all be paid into my personal attorney’s trust account. We will then use this money to get the best legal team we can afford to defend them. If there are any funds left, it will be used to support his wife and daughters when André goes to jail.

“If we can get him released from prison, and there are still funds left over, the rest of the money will be used for non-profit work with which Willem Petzer is affiliated,” says Petzer.

“Now is the time to stand together. Let’s support these families in need! ”

If you want to contribute to the fund, click here.

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