Nuutste oor die watersituasie

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Nuutste oor die watersituasie

Nuutste oor die watersituasie Foto: Facebook

KIMBERLEY. – Volgens Sol Plaatje-munisipaliteit behoort die water voor die einde van die dag aan te wees.

Lees die mediaverklaring hier:

Latest Update: Water Supply

Sunday 27th July 2021. 18:30

We would like to advise that we regret the current inconvenience. So far the filling of the bulk supply lines is in full swing and we have changed pumping at Riverton Purification Plant to normal operational mode.Unfortunately due to both pipelines being empty, it has taken up more time than we anticipated to recharge the bulk supply lines. However, we will be opening the reticulation network to resume water supply to the entire City. Taps should start being operational within today. The delay is regretful. Thanks

Sello Matsie
Sol Plaatje Municipality

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