September 16, 2021

I Cook, Because We Eat

Clover Mama Afrika Recipe Book

Prof Elaine Vlok, manager of Clover Mama Afrika Trust, writes in the foreword of I Cook, Because We Eat, “I hand-picked each of these recipes from my own collection. They don’t take a long time to prepare and you can be assured that they will deliver only the finest results, time and time again. I can personally vouch for that!”

The blurb on the back cover reads: “This book is a commemoration of our mothers’ hearty culinary skills. Each dish has been tried and tested over many moons and lovingly passed down from one generation of caregivers to another. One can simply reminisce on families arranged around comfortable kitchen tables – talking, sharing and caring, with the little ones eavesdropping and forcing themselves awake, too afraid of missing out on any of the elders’ fascinating dialogues.”

The publisher’s title information letter states: “I Cook, Because We Eat serves 56 nourishing recipes, each exquisitely displayed in full colour. Usefully, some of the recipes come with alternative dishing-up options. You may also pleasantly discover that many of the Clover products outlined in these recipes are already in your pantry’s stash. All you will need to do is try your hand at the one recipe you think will be your family’s favourite, prepare it and wait for the compliments to start rolling in.”

I loved paging through I Cook, Because We Eat (144 pages) as the hearty recipes had been beautifully photographed and presented. All recipes have been tested and are easy to prepare. Clover is a proven brand name and their products are tried and trusted.

The contents are displayed in ten chapters. Below, I give two example recipes for each chapter:

Soups (Spicy bean soup and Beef & vegetable soup)

Hot and cold salads (Beetroot & potato salad and Curried pasta salad)

Veggie dishes (Phyllo spinach pie and Pumpkin bread muffins)

Pasta / Pizza / Pap (Maize meal tart and Lasagne verde)

Meat dishes (Old-fashioned curry mince and Easiest beef wellington pies)

Teatime (Tamboesies and Skurwejantjies)

Tarts (Granadilla fridge tart and Brandy tart)

Warm sweet tarts (Bread pudding and Sago pudding)

Cakes and icing (Best moist chocolate cake and Black forest cake)

Drinks (Best fruit punch and Pat’s ginger beer)

Get your copy of I Cook, Because We Eat here.

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