The girl with a million faces

A million masks.

Every day I wake up, I make a choice of which face I will be showing the world. Sad? No, the world would not like that. Angry? Definitely not. How about happy? Yes, the world would love to see that. I choose my happy face. I get ready to go out to the world. Everywhere I look, I seeall people are wearing their happy masks to hide what they are actually feeling.

I greet everyone with a smile. Making sure I leave a good impression, so that they will not ponder on what lies beneath the mask. There is a rule that is placed upon us. Once someone asks what is beneath the masks, they will be banished into the Unknown. No one knows where this rule comes from but everyone follows it.

I go along doing my daily deeds, even though I feel exhausted and want to fall down to my knees. I won’t because my mask does not represent that. So I will have to hide it. I get home and take my mask off. I have to make sure no one sees my actual emotion. I do not want to be the reason for them to have to go to the Unknown. I lay down in my bed, clenching onto my pillow that is drenched in tears. I remember it is time to get up and go to work. I choose a mask and on my way I go.

People are looking at me funny. As if they are seeing a crime being committed. I carry on walking to my office. I sit down, take a deep breath and start to work. After a few hours, I realised I didn’t have a mask on. I am frightened. Is this the reason why every was looking at me? They could see my real emotions. I start to run to the bathroom and look in the mirror. My worst nightmare just became true. Everyone can see the pain and exhaustion in my face – no one is ever meant to see this.
I hear a knocking at the door. A person calling out the words I thought I will never hear, until now. “Police! We need to remove you from the premises!” All I can think is to run, I do not want to go to the Unknown. I never meant to show my real emotions. But I will do what is right and I decided to walk to the door and face the consequences.

The police escort me from my work building. Riding behind the police van, I just hear whispers in the streets of disgust about me showing actual emotion. The gates close behind us. I get thrown out of the van and they leave me behind in the Unknown.

I turn around and notice how beautiful the Unknown is. Every person smiling from cheek to cheek without wearing a mask. The Unknown is the place where anyone could show real emotion without being judged.

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