August 4, 2021

AD – Edublox can resume classes with an online option available

Edublox Kimberley is resuming physical classes this week, according to strict health and safety policies stipulated by the government under lockdown level three regulations.

We specialise in educational interventions comprising of cognitive training, reading, spelling, language, comprehension and maths.

While the decision to resume physical classes was made after thorough consultation with Edublox parents in our area, we do understand that most parents are wrestling with many uncertainties and may not be comfortable with their children attending physical classes yet, which is why we also offer the option of online, tutor-based classes or a combination of online classes and physical attendance.

Interactive online home-based assessments are also available. Feel free to chat to Rika Pieters (062-998-5640) at the Edublox Kimberley office to find a solution that works for your family.

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