Jesse Duarte personally dismisses rumours of her death assuring South Africans that she is well

ANC deputy secretary-general Jesse Duarte has personally dismissed rumors of her passing. In a voicenote on Sunday, Duarte said she did not understand where the false claims of her death were coming from and reassured South Africans that she is alive and recovering from cancer.

Duarte said: “There is a rather unfortunate message making the rounds and it is creating a little bit of unpleasantness and panic. Apparently, according to whoever started this rumor, I passed away this morning. I am still alive; I am getting stronger by the day and unfortunately it is…cancer. It has its own challenges, but I am fighting really hard to regain my health, but I wish you a pleasant evening and a great Sunday ahead of you. Thank you very much.”

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In a statement on Sunday, the party slammed the news making circulations on social media. Pule Mabe, the party spokesperson slammed the rumours saying they are fake.

“The ANC has learnt with great shock of fake news messages doing rounds that our deputy secretary-general Jesse Duarte has passed away. These fake news are very inhumane, barbaric, inconsiderate and very hurting to the person of the DSG, her family, friends, comrades as well as to the broader mass democratic movement.

“The ANC categorically dismisses these nonsensical claims peddled by some through fake news messages across social and mainstream media platforms. The DSG has been ill for some time and is now well on the road to full recovery. The ANC is encouraged by the DSG, comrade Duarte’s display of strength on a daily basis and look forward to her imminent return to office,” said Mabe.

Source: News24, The Citizen, Times Live, Sowetan Live, Eyewitness News, image from Times Live  

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