December 7, 2021

Social media strategy, PR, marketing, advertising in 2022

ow will your business perform in 2022?

 1 second ago FiND iT Editorial

Your business needs an effective social media strategy, a public relations plan, marketing and advertising. Without it, you get lots in the crowd.

Dottry Media (Pty) Ltd is the parent company of publications like FiND iTMoomieHealforhope, community newspapers and many more.

Our clients include Rocket HEMS, Cell C, Braam van Straaten (the brand), CLR Electrical, Spec Savers, Torga Optical, Ocean Basket and many more.

Now we have a Black Friday special, where you can get all of the above for only R12 000! That is an INSANE price slash, with the cost to company being R30 000.

We will ONLY take on 9 clients and all offers must be claimed before 17:00 on Friday, 26 November, 2021.

Send an email to [email protected] with the word “CLAIM” in the subject heading and we will contact you to arrange a meeting.

The offer includes:

*Social media strategy

*Google services set-up and analysing

*Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, website analysing and improving (set up if it’s not set up)

*Tips and tricks

*SEO (search engine optimisation)

*Advertising package with FiND iT worth R6500

Don’t miss this offer! Claim it NOW!

Dottry Media also offers hosting and web design packages at an additional cost.

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