December 7, 2021

Wife finds out husband cheats with best friend

Woman finds out husband cheats on her.

Woman finds out husband cheats whilst assisting her best friend to give birth.

She helped her best give birth, noticed an identical birthmark on the baby and recognised it as her husband’s.

Hailey Custer (28), of Wickenburg, Arizona, then realized that her husband was having an affair with her best friend and that baby was actually his baby.

She says she discovered with the birth of her best friend’s baby that her husband, Travis Bowling, 36, had cheated on her with her best friend.

This incident took place a few years ago and she is only now sharing it.

Custer, a mother of four (she has three children with her now ex-husband), says on her TikTok that she assisted her friend every moment of the pregnancy. She was there during the birth, wore a wristband that showed she was her friend’s birth partner and also gave the baby her first bath.

Custer says she was devastated when she noticed the birthmark – identical to her husband’s – on the baby. Her one son also has such a birthmark.

“I immediately knew it was my husband’s baby. She was standing next to me and she and I were looking at each other. I had to go outside just to ask God first what I should do. It took my ex-husband seven months to admit it.”

She later found out her husband cheated on her with about 30 women. Despite the infidelity, she still welcomed her friend into her home because she had nowhere to go.

“I thought of my children. In the end, it’s their blood sister and I’m not going to hurt a child. My ex-husband treated us both very badly. ”

Custer shared her story on TikTok and one of her videos garnered more than 3.4 million views. She herself was a drug addict, who came clean when she became pregnant with her first child. Her friend was also an addict.

“I wanted to assist her and make sure she’s okay.” Custer says her husband is also a drug addict and did not stop using drugs when she stopped.

She never suspected her husband was cheating on her. “I was very naive so I just did not think it would be possible for anyone to do it.”

She explained that she helped take her friend to doctor appointments, drove her to the hospital while she was in labor, and was right next to her when she gave birth.

“It was a wonderful experience for me at the end of the day, I will never forget it. I was just happy to be a part of it,” she added on TikTok.

Custer shares her story, as well as her path with drugs, on her TikTok account. She says she stayed with her husband for several years after that.

“I believed that if I prayed enough, he would change. I grew up with faith, but I think one does not always understand it correctly. You often use a message from the Bible to comfort yourself, but that is not always true.”

She and her friend still have contact and they are both still clean.

“I choose, for my children’s part, to remain friends with my girlfriend and my ex-husband. I forgave them. It’s not the children’s fault.”

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