December 7, 2021

Drug bust of Cocaine, Tik and Khat

Bags filled with suspected Cocaine, Tik and Khat was confiscated.

Bags filled with suspected Cocaine, Tik and Khat was confiscated. Photo: SAPS

The police performed a drug bust and confiscated Cocaine, Tik and Khat from a residential home.

Capt. Sergio Kock, spokesperson for the SAPS in the Northern Cape said the provincial organised crime detectives pounced on an alleged drug laboratory in Kimberley and confiscated drugs worth approximately R1 million.

The team was assisted by the SAPS multi dimension organized crime unit and arrested a 43 year old male for dealing and manufacturing of suspected drugs.

Police confiscated equipment and utensils used in the manufacturing process , namely pots, scales, spoons, ovens, and an assortment of chemicals allegedly utilized for the manufacturing of drugs.

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The members also seized refuse bags filled with suspected Cocaine, Tik and Khat. The house was raided at midday on 17 November 2021 in Carters Glen, Kimberley.

The Frances Baard District Commissioner, Maj Gen Johan Bean commended the SAPS members for this huge drug bust and reiterated that the police will keep on squeezing the space for criminals to operate, as drugs will be one of the focus areas this festive season.

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