December 3, 2021

Irish Lotto rollovers put massive prize on the line

That’s the approximate equivalent of R325 million.

Irish Lotto rollovers put massive prize on the line

Irish Lotto rollovers put massive prize on the line photo credit: Canva

The main prize in the Irish Lotto is soaring after not being won for an extended period.

The jackpot has rolled over again and again – and has been capped for a fifth time.

A whopping €19 million is up for grabs at the moment. That’s the approximate equivalent of R325 million. That’s a whole lot of cash for South Africans to ponder.

It took from June to October 2021 for the size to get to this immense prize. More than 20 rollovers occurred. There has not been that many this year. In 2020, February to April, a long stretch of rollover overs occurred as well, but not nearly as many as what’s being witnessed this time among those pursuing the Irish Lotto winning numbers.

With the main prize now effectively capped and unable to grow bigger for the foreseeable future, the funds usually reserved for the top jackpot are allocated to the next prize tier, which is obviously lower but offers the chance to win abnormally big prizes without guessing all the numbers correctly.

The first- and second-tier prizes are evidently big, but not nearly as big as some of the highest recorded by Irish winners of the EuroMillions over the years. The Irish Lotto wins can be huge, but the EuroMillions victories can be massive.

This is best exemplified by the immense €175 million won by a syndicate in Naul, Dublin, in 2019. The victorious family ultimately chose not be named, but they’re famous in their anonymity regardless. And then there was the €115 million raked in by Dolores McNamara in 2005. She bought the winning ticket at a local store, much like South Africans do for the Lotto and SA Powerball week in and week out.

There was more anonymity in Dublin in 2013, when a EuroMillions Superdraw for €100 million happened. But it was not won and rolled over a few times before reaching €187 million. It was eventually won in the middle of the year and shared between two winners, who each got just shy of €94 million. What’s more, the shop at which the winning Irish ticket was sold received a commission to the tune of €25,000. How novel, interesting and rewarding for all concerned. “I’m absolutely thrilled. Dreams do come true. The news is still sinking in so for the moment I’d like to keep the win private. I’m looking forward to thinking about all the opportunities that are now open to me. It’s a really exciting time,” said one of the anonymous winners at the time.

Another syndicate got things right in Lusk in 2017. They won €88 million and soon publicly declared an eagerness to going on holidays and having relative financial freedom. There were “bills, mortgages, loans and whatnot” to pay, they said at the time, but were not “getting carried away” and had plans to “return to normal everyday life as soon as possible.” 

All of these are big sums in euros and ostensibly 17-fold more when taking into account the exchange rate with the South African rand. It’s an appealing prospect for anyone from the coast of Cape Town to the inland of KwaZulu-Natal and elsewhere countrywide.

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