October 18, 2021

Ramaphosa announces extra public holiday for SA

The Public Holidays Act determines that whenever a public holiday falls on a Sunday, the following Monday will be a public holiday. This means that SA now has 15 public holidays in 2021.

Ramaphosa announces extra public holiday for SA

Ramaphosa announces extra public holiday for SA photo credit: Canva

The Electoral Commission has written to Home Affairs minister, Aaron Motsoaledi to request that he facilitates a request to the president asking election day (Monday, 1 November) to be declared a public holiday.

The commission said in a statement on Thursday that this intervention is aimed at giving all voters an equal footing to participate in the elections without being encumbered by business and employment consideration on the day of voting.

“Participation in the local government elections is important as municipal councils play a crucial role in providing services that directly affect people on a daily basis. Electoral participation which is impossible without registration provides an opportunity to shape the local affairs of communities. Local government will be strengthened by the participation of sectors of our society, especially by the youth. We, therefore, call on every eligible voter to register over the weekend and for those who have moved or changed address to use this unique opportunity to amend their registration details.”

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