September 24, 2021

Spec-Savers- kry afslag op jou raam

Bespreek ‘n oogtoets by ‘n Spec-Savers-tak naaste aan jou.

This self-confessed plastic surgery addict aged 20 has spent £30k to look like a Bratz doll.

Jessica Bunnington is a self-confessed plastic surgery addict and has so far spent £30k on procedures to help her look like a Bratz doll.

The 20-year-old from Vienna, Austria, has so far gone under the knife for two boob jobs, currently making her a size 32K, and is already planning her third.

Most recently, Jessica also opted for a Supercharged Brazilian Butt Lift, which includes a fat transfer and implants, to help her achieve her desired look and she regularly gets filler in her lips to enhance her pout.

She said: “I absolutely love the plastic look. “So far I have had two breast surgeries, chin Liposuction, outer labia enlargement, a Supercharged Brazilian Butt Lift, Botox and facial fillers. “I don’t want to look natural. I want to look like an artificial doll, especially a Bratz doll because they have big pouty lips. “I love my huge lips. I would say that they are probably the thing I like the most about how I look. “My lip fillers have really empowered me and helped me to feel amazing and sexy. “I sometimes get them done once every four weeks with 1.5ml of filler to help me get them this big. “Some people think I am crazy and tell me I look so unnatural. “But I don’t want to be natural. I was to look extreme and like a Bratz doll.”

At the age of 18, Jessica had her first boob job.

She convinced her parents to let her spend the money they had saved for her first car on a new pair of boobs because she was self-conscious about her flat chest.

However, since her look has become more extreme she has lost contact with her parents and has funded the rest of her surgeries herself with the money she earns from creating adult content.

Jessica said: “My parents were really strict when I was younger and I wasn’t really allowed to really wear any makeup. “I felt embarrassed about how I looked and I didn’t feel beautiful. “As I got older I started to see women’s before and after pictures from plastic surgery. They looked like goddesses. “And from that day I decided I wanted to be that beautiful and happy. “After a long chat with my parents, they finally agreed to help me pay for my first boob job. “I loved how they looked after the surgery, but after a while I wanted them to be bigger. “So I booked my second boob job to help me get to my perfect plastic look.”

After two boob jobs, Jessica felt like her bum was out of proportion to her bust and that she wanted to go under the knife once again.

She underwent a Brazilian Butt Lift in May to enhance her curves.

Jessica said: “I wanted my bum to be a big as my boobs. “I am so happy with how my body looks at the moment, but I am definitely not done with plastic surgery. “I am in the process of booking my third boob job with expander implants with a maximum filling volume of 4000cc. Then I will also probably want a second BBL because if I have bigger boobs I will also need a bigger butt. “I would also love Barbie nose surgery, buccal fat removal – to make my face more contoured. “This year I also want to get a cat eye lift and to shorten of the inner labia. “I would also love to get a nose job in the close future. “I feel beautiful and sexy but there are still things I’d like to do to help me feel like the most perfect artificial doll. “I love the attention that my looks get me when I am walking down the street.”

“I used to be as quiet as a mouse but now I love it when people are looking at me as I walk by. “I am the happiest I have ever been and my confidence is sky-high. “I couldn’t imagine myself any other way.”

You can follow Jessica’s plastic surgery journey at: @jessy.bunny.official
2 Breast Surgeries – £10,300
Chin Liposuction – £1,700
Outer labia enlargement – £1,700
Supercharged Brazilian Butt Lift – £12,000
Botox, lip fillers and other facial fillers – £7,700
Total – £33,400

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