How to be the healthiest you – after pregnancy

You may find that pregnancy pigmentation fades in the next few months

You may find that pregnancy pigmentation fades in the next few months (Photo: INSPIRO)

After giving birth, your body deserves to be treated well and to be healthy. This is how you can be the healthiest after pregnancy.

Loose skin
If endless salads and sit-ups aren’t bringing back your old taut tummy, consider a session of
Thermage, says Dr Flora Galoustian from Skin Renu Laser & Skin Rejuvenation Clinic. “The
procedure works by using best-in-class radiofrequency technology to heat collagen fibres
deep in the skin and underlying tissue,” she explains. “The heating action causes the
structures in the skin and underlying tissue to immediately tighten while stimulating collagen
growth; over time, new and remodelled collagen is produced to further tighten and contour
the skin.” Dr Galoustian notes that the new Thermage CPT system features a vibrating
headpiece with the option of a redesigned body tip, making heat distribute more effectively.
Unlike many procedures requiring four or more sessions, most Thermage patients benefit
from a single treatment,” notes Dr Galoustian. “Perfect for busy mothers!”

Your body deserves to be the healthiest version it can be after your pregnancy

Stretch marks
FIRST UP: don’t expect miracles. “Unfortunately technology doesn’t allow us to remove
stretch marks completely.” says Kaye Scott from The Clinic. “What we can do, if the stretch
marks are purple, is use intense pulsed light (IPL) to take some colour out, and then Fraxel
laser to improve the texture slightly.” Scott advises those clients with extreme stretch marks
(say, after having twins) to talk to a plastic surgeon about abdominoplasty, but for most
cases, she recommends a reality check. “It’s an expensive treatment and I
always ask women if they’re considering another baby, in which case it may not be worth the
effort. When you’ve had two or three children, you won’t have time to worry about stretch
marks ever again!”

You may find that pregnancy pigmentation fades in the next few months; if not, talk to a skin
expert about your various skin-brightening options. Dr Park lists the melanin inhibitor
hydroquinone – which you apply in cream form daily – as an effective remedy, in combination
with facial peels. “Glycolic, retinoic and lactic acid peels, performed by a beautician or
cosmetic aesthetician, are something you can do every few weeks,” she notes. More
effective still is laser, adds Dr Park – however, she warns that it is crucial that patients do
their research and make sure the laser treatment is administered by someone who knows
what they are doing.” Ask to see before and-after photos, and to read client testimonials.

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