Corruption allegations hit Phoenix mortuary as bodies are allegedly piled up on the floor

Karl Dauth identified his son’s body at the Phoenix mortuary on April 16 following the deadly floods which hit the province of KwaZulu-Natal which claimed more than 400 lives. A week later, his son’s body was in the same police body bag on the state facility’s floor.

Dauth went on Facebook and wrote “The mortuary is over full. They have no water to do autopsies. It is terrible to know your son is lying in that state. I tried to report this to everyone and got one response.”

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He alleged that he was told that he could get his son’s body if he paid between R2 000 and R5 000. His post was shared more than 950 times and comments went above 400. This led to the DA asking Nomagugu Simelane, the KwaZulu-Natal Health MEC, to intervene in the matter.

Dr Rishigen Viranna said the lack of water supply was delaying post-mortems in Phoenix after the post by Dauth make people aware of what was going on. “Apart from the water issues, there is allegedly also a general lack of assistance from staff at the facility. That families are being forced to suffer further emotional trauma as a result of unhelpful and disinterested management is disgraceful,” Viranna said.

He said the DA approached the health department and requested an inspection at the facility following complaints from numerous people about what happening at the mortuary in Phoenix. “We are pleased to report that this is being arranged for later this week,” Viranna said.

Source: Times Live, IOL, image from Times Live

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