January 26, 2022

The HERO Journal

A Book Review

Kylie-Anne Bowers, a mindset and manifestation expert and founder of the international personal development brand Mind Your Hero, created the HERO Journal – a self-mastery journal that aims to rewire people’s mindsets to achieve success. To her the term “hero” means the highest version of oneself who lives an extraordinary life, and she encourages one to release ones inner magic. “When utilized correctly,” she says, “the HERO Journal serves as your “accountability buddy”, giving you the tools to do your inner work as it provides you with a sense of guidance and structure daily.”

In a letter, Kylie-Anne explained the following to me: “Some people view the HERO Journal as a manifestation journal or a mindset journal – we view it as a 12-week self-mastery journal that helps you become the hero of your own life through setting aside dedicated time each morning and evening to work on yourself. For anyone looking to achieve personal growth and development, it is incredibly important to follow a morning routine, as well as an evening routine. So many people overlook the importance of an evening routine and as a result, neglect it, leading to poor sleeping habits as well as anxiety, stress and depression. The HERO Journal is designed to guide you with completing quick 5-10 minute tasks in the morning and 3-5 minute tasks in the evening. The morning tasks help set your day up for success and the evening tasks are there to help your mind ‘shut down’ so you can have a good night’s rest.”

Kylie describes the HERO Journal as an exercise for the mind. “The only way you can truly get stronger is if you actively choose to work on yourself every day.” She writes in the Introduction: “one of the biggest challenges we have with tapping into our unlimited confidence is relying on others opinions to let us know we are good enough, or if we are allowed to reach our goals, according to them. You know what we’re talking about. We have your back. This journal can help you remember that the answers are already within you. You were born with it but as life goes we can lose our ability to trust ourselves. This journal will help you unleash your inner confidence and step back into your innate power and ultimately manifest your dream life!”

Some of the HERO Journal’s features include: A5 in size; 12 Weeks of content; Non-dated so you can start your journey at any time; Glossary of Mind Your Hero terms; Mind Your Hero’s Magic goal setting system; Weekly Reflection, Weekly Planning; Daily Pages; Tri-weekly challenges; Rewards;  Affirmations; Elastic binding on the side and Branded with the MYH logo.

Kylie-Anne gifted me with a Manifestation Pen to use with my HERO Journal. The idea is that once one puts pen to paper to write out ones intentions, one accesses ones subconscious mind. The attractive black-ink pens write smoothly and are available in a black, rose gold or silver finish.

I am excited about my duck egg blue HERO Journal. The content is presented in a easy to understand and follow manner. It invites one to do the exercizes and challenges to become the best version of oneself. Here is only one of the many snippets of motivational advice: “Instead of going to the gym to punish yourself for what you ate, rather go to the gym with the mindset of celebrating what your body can do.”

Visit Kylie-Anne’s website for more info on the HERO Journal and her podcast, social media platforms, and digital courses. The HERO Journal is available in black, rose gold or duck egg blue. Order yours here.

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