January 26, 2022

Zac Stacy out on bail – ‘state failed’ abused ex-girlfriend

Kristen Evans, ex-girlfriend of Zac Stacy, says she is disappointed that he was released on bail.

Stacy was seen assaulting Evans on a home camera. Read the previous article here.

“I cannot express to you enough how upset I am over this situation. The fact that the judge saw the videos, he acknowledged he saw the videos, he acknowledged that I was there, he acknowledged that I was in hospital, but still did not give me a voice to speak at the hearing and then to set his bond at $10 000, is just a slap in the face.”

Evans says it’s been really hard for her to release the video’s and it’s hard to relive the trauma every time she has to tell her story.

She thanked everyone for their support. “We are trying to file an emergency motion so that I can be heard and that he’s not released on a $10 000 bond. That is just ridiculous to me. Thank you guys, thank you all.

She also said on her Instagram page that she no longer feels safe. Her followers were also upset that Stacy be allowed to get out on bail after the vicious attack.

“My friend and older classmate got murdered from her abuser and left her kids to run around in her own blood. I will never get that out of my head. Please I beg you get far away from him as you can. Talk with lawyers, domestic centers, media get this on the news. There’s loop holes to everything! Don’t ever let him around you or that baby again,” wrote one woman.

“I was beat like that by my ex husband. I understand and I also understand not getting justice,” wrote another.

Stacy was released on Saturday after paying his bail (approximately R159 000). He had to hand in his passport, hand over all firearms and was not allowed to come near Evans.

If convicted on the charges against him, he could face up to 15 years in prison. Sources: The Mirror, The Hill, TMZ Follow FiND iT on Facebook here and read more articles here.

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