September 23, 2021

Global Investing Made Easy

Warren Ingram, bestselling author of Become Your Own Financial Advisor and How To Make Your First Million, wrote Global Investing Made Easy, a wealth-creating guide to international markets.

The blurb on the back cover reads: “Investing overseas can be a very intimidating, even scary, subject. Even though many of us would love to invest internationally, we have limited information on how and where to place our money. This book will demystify global investing by providing novice investors with practical guidelines on how to invest overseas while helping them to avoid the inherent pitfalls.”

The publisher’s title information letter states: “Global Investing Made Easy covers all the main aspects that a non-financial person should know before embarking on a global investment journey and will be helpful to investors across the globe. People of all ages and levels of wealth will benefit from the practical, easy-to-understand, jargon-free information required to invest in the international markets, proving that financial freedom is possible for everyone.”

Global Investing Made Easy has 164 pages filled with financial advice. The book is divided into 14 interesting chapters: What is your dream?, Create your own vision, Find your passion!, Financial freedom, Investments 101, Inflation, risk and asset mix, Investing at home and offshore, Build your global portfolio, Two scenarios, Why buy residential property?, Overview of investment terms, Money and relationships, Investment insights from the rich and famous, and Financial blunders to avoid.

Ingram believes financial freedom is possible for anybody: “I believe that people who are free from financial burdens are better able to have a positive impact on their families, friends and society in general. If we could all make a small difference, life would be much better for everyone; we don’t need to profit at the expense of the environment or others in society.” His aim is to provide his readers with an impartial education on investments. “The path to financial freedom is not to find the best investments in the world, but to rather avoid the biggest mistakes, remain consistent, and let our money grow while we sleep and live our lives!”

More about the author: Warren Ingram, the co-founder of Galileo Capital, is an award-winning financial planner. He hosts the Honest Money podcast and is a personal financial commentator in the media. 

Global Investing Made Easy is published by Penguin Books. Order your copy here.

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