Australians disapprove of ostrich meat

One reviewer of Aldi’s ostrich steaks said that it was “Definitely a hit” and “bloody delightful”.

Australians disapprove of ostrich meat

Australians disapprove of ostrich meat photo credit: Business Insider

In a chilling Facebook post on Monday (19 July), Dr. Emmanuel Taban, a pulmonologist at Mediclinic Midstream in Midrand, issued a stark warning to the public about using Ivermectin.

A concerned Dr. Taban took to Facebook in an effort to warn the public against the effects of using Ivermectin, which is an anti-parasitic medication intended for animals that some people believe can treat Covid-19.

In the post, Dr. Taban noted that the drug has adverse effects on the human body and that 90% of the patients who used Ivermectin have liver damage.

In the post, Dr Taban said that, “Some 90% of the patients using the drug, had presented with liver damage. “Most of these patients have been taking Ivermectin which was prescribed by doctors and as a result they feel protected.” Adding that, “I have lost five patients to liver failure from Ivermectin and all patients now admitted here have all been on [the drug].”

He also mentioned that, “Clearly this drug does not work and is not intended for use by humans. I strongly encourage you to stop prescribing it and advise against [its] use”.


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