August 4, 2021

Woman quits police force to paint with breast milk

A woman has quit her role in the police force to paint nudes with BREAST MILK.

A woman has quit her role in the police force to paint nudes with BREAST MILK. (Photo: Magazine Features)

A woman has quit her role in the police force to paint nudes with BREAST MILK.

Debbie Towers, 46, used to be a police community support worker but admits feeling unsafe when patrolling the streets of London.

The mum-of-two has always been artistic but never imagined using breast milk to paint.

Mothers across the nation send their milk so that she can paint with their breast milk

But she has now found her calling as mothers across the nation send their milk to have a unique keepsake forever.

Debbie from Anerley, London said: “I didn’t feel comfortable when working as a PCOS.

“It was quite a dangerous role as we had to patrol the streets without any equipment and often had to disperse gangs.

“I left after two years as I wanted a job that was worthwhile.

“I never imagined painting with breast milk for a living.

“But now, I couldn’t imagine doing anything else as it is so fulfilling.”

The self-taught artist preserves the breast milk and leaves it to dry for a few days.

It turns into a powder that is mixed with the paint.

She said: “By looking at the paintings, you’d never know there was breast milk.

“But the mother does know that it is painted with her breast milk, which makes it super special.

“The paintings make them feel proud as they are a daily reminder of what they did for their baby.

“I didn’t realise how hard breastfeeding is for so many women but they all persevered.”

Debbie hopes her artwork normalises breastfeeding and encourages women to speak out more about it.

She said: “Breastfeeding is accepted more these days but there is still a stigma.

“Some women feel embarrassed to do it in public as they are shamed by strangers.

“I want my artwork to give women the confidence to embrace their bodies and be proud.”

Despite receiving positive feedback from buyers, Debbie admits some people think it is ‘weird’.

She said: “I believe I am the first person in the UK to do this.

“Therefore people aren’t used to painting with milk so some think it’s weird and strange.

“But I think the concept is beautiful.

“The paintings are an incredible keepsake for mums.

“My passion is painting and I love their reactions.

“They are always so overwhelmed and grateful.”

Debbie thought of the idea during the lockdown in 2020.

She now sells nude canvases ranging from £79.99-£450 depending on the size.

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