Strong sexy shoulders

Do you want strong sexy shoulders?

Do you want strong sexy shoulders?

Do you want strong sexy shoulders? Keep your shoulders in good shape for life with these exercises.

The shoulders have the most varied range of motion of any joint in the body. They’re made up of a very complex group of tendons, ligaments, nerves and muscles, and because of this it makes them vulnerable to injury, particularly as we get older, which is why it’s important to look after them.

The main muscles of the shoulders include the rotator-cuff and deltoid muscles. The rotator cuff consists of four small deeper muscles and tendons which stabilise the shoulder joint, preventing it from dislocating as well as assisting with arm rotation and movement, working closely with the deltoid.

The deltoid is a three-headed muscle that caps the shoulder. Its main function is to move the arm away from the body. The anterior head of the deltoid is responsible for movements that involve raising the arm to the front, while the lateral head moves the arms up and away ( from the side of the body. The posteriors head moves the arms to the rear.
The shoulder muscles allow us to move in so many ways. We need them to hold the toothbrush up to brush our teeth, hold grocery bags out away from our thighs as we walk, to open and shut doors, and lift things over our head. These are only the little tasks that we do every day, but they can become very difficult if you’re injured.

You might decide to throw a stick for the family dog or play catch with your child and all of a sudden one of your shoulder muscles suffers a tear or the joint dislocates. Problems like this can occur without proper resistance training and maintenance of the muscles.

How to have sexy shoulders

To help build strong and reliable shoulders try the exercise below. By including the lateral raise and press (below) along with other exercises that include a push or pull movement such as the seated cable row or bench dumbbell press, you’ll be able to hang the washing on the line more easily and be able to confidently throw a ball to your kids.

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