Clever vendor puts ‘books for study’ on gaming mouse package

Clever vendor puts 'books for study' on gaming mouse package for students

Clever vendor puts 'books for study' on gaming mouse package for students photo credit: Magazine Features

Clever staff at a computer store put “books for study” on an expensive gaming mouse after a student asked for discreet packaging so his mum would not find out he bought another one, leading to a sharp increase in sales from other young secretive gamers.

The story was shared by the Singapore-based computer store ‘Endless Passion’ in a social media post in late May.

The customer, who was not named, was interested in buying a new Logitech G Pro X Superlight Wireless Gaming Mouse.

According to the conversation between the two, the customer asked the vendor to wrap the mouse in simple packaging in an attempt to keep its contents a secret when he went to pick it up from the store later on.

One of the client’s messages read: “I don’t want to let my mom know I buy new mouse again.” (sic)

The savvy salesman not only obliged but decided to take it one step further writing ‘books for study :)’ on the plain packaging for the mouse, which cost SGD 239 (GBP 135), apparently referring to the fact the customer was a student. Netizen ‘Arief Dzufyan’ commented: “This is quality service.” ‘Zoul Muhammad’ wrote:

“Thank you. As an uncle, I will watch out [for] my nieces and nephews.” (sic) ‘Jelwin Geuan’ said: “6 stars straightforward.” (sic) The post has also seemingly garnered more business for Endless Passion.

The computer store posted earlier today (3rd June): “The number of request for discreet packaging keeps coming… We got you guys covered!”(sic)

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