Suid-Afrikaanse Randbeurs

Hier kan jy nou daagliks die Suid-Afrikaanse wisselkoers dophou.

Land                                                                                      Suid-Afrikaanse Rand

VSA dollar                                                                           R 16.76 Euro                                                                                     R 19.91
Britse pond                                                                         R 22.00
Australiese dollar                                                              R 12.10
Indiese roepee                                                                  R 0.22
Kanadese dollar                                                                R 12.48
Singapoer dollar                                                               R 12.23
Switserse frank                                                                 R 18.46
Maleisiese ringgit                                                             R 3.95
Japannese jen                                                                   R 0.16

Hierdie syfers is by X-rates verkry.

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