MediClinic Gariep beperk besoektye tydens inperking

MediClinic Gariep in Kimberley sal besoektye tydens die 21 dae inperking beperk en streng toepas.

Hier is die volledige persverklaring:


Mediclinic is well equipped and has all the necessary protocols in place to manage the admission of any potential COVID-19 patients. However, we realize that with the increase in the number of these cases, it is necessary for us to manage the situation responsibly in the best interests of our patients and healthcare workers.

We believe that allowing patients access to their loved ones is an essential part of their recovery and wellness, but that it is important to reduce the risk for all. As a result, the following additional visiting restrictions and consideration for the protection of patients, not at risk of COVID-19 are applicable:

Visiting hours are limited to the following:

3.00pm – 4.00pm

7.00pm – 8.00pm

Strictly no more than one individual visitor will be allowed per bed in any unit. Surgical patients may only have one individual as support on day of surgery ccess control will be practiced. All visitors will go through a screening process before they are allowed in the hospital. There are only two entrances for the public 24 hours per day. This is the Main entrance and the Emergency Unit entrance.

To manage the risk we are controlling entrance to the Emergency Unit. Strictly no more than one person may accompany a patient, if they pass the initial screening process As per social distancing guidelines, we advise other visitors to wait outside the facility or in the comfort of their own vehicles.

After initial screening at the entrance to the hospital at Mediclinic Kimberley, the following guidelines are applicable in these high risk areas:

Labour and Maternity

  • Only the partner will be allowed access to the unit
  • The partner may stay over, but may not walk around the hospital
  • All non-essential activities are stopped. This include, but is not limited to birth photographers, doulas, breastfeeding consultants and audiologists doing routine hearing tests at birth.

Neonatal Unit

  • Only one parent may enter the unit at a time
  • No additional visitors are allowed
  • All non-essential activities are stopped. This includes, but is not limited to birth photographers, breastfeeding consultants and audiologists doing routine hearing tests at birth.

Paediatric wards

  •  Only one parent may stay with the child
  • Parents should stay in the room or at the bedside
  • Parents may not leave the ward to walk around the hospital

The public must please take note that the above guidelines will be reassessed as the COVID–19 situation evolves.

All elective procedures will be stopped from Friday until 17 March 2020. Only emergency procedures and cases which cannot wait for 21 days will be performed. Doctor’s surgeries in the hospital will stay open. Patients with appointments at the doctor’s rooms will be allowed to enter after being screened at the hospital entrance. Patients with respiratory symptoms will only be allowed though to the rooms of the general practitioners and not to other areas in the hospital.

We are committed to identifying and isolating high-risk patients, and will communicate instructions to patients accordingly. People who consider themselves at risk, must please complete our convenient online risk-assessment to understand if they require COVID-19 screening on

For enquiries, please contact: Denise Coetzee, Patient Experience Manager
Contact number: 0763510065

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