Mother found guilty of sexual violation shows no remorse claiming she did not commit the crimes

A Gauteng mother who was found guilty of raping and sexually exploiting her son, shows no remorse as she believes that she did not commit the crime. This was revealed in the pre-sentencing report which was handed in court on Monday.

In the 11 page document, the mother did not see herself committing any offence and refused to take any responsibility because she believes she did not commit the offences she was accused of.

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The report stated: The accused acknowledged that she lived with her where she was not supposed to. However, she refutes claims that her son was exposed to any form of abuse in her presence. She indicated that her son was looked after by the house mother who lived close to the strip club, and that he was never exposed to any form of abuse.

The woman and her ex-husband were charged for sexual offences, and they pled not guilty. The couple’s identities cannot be revealed to protect the boy’s identity. The abuse and rape allegedly happened between 2013 and 2017 – when the boy was four years old until he was eight years of age. During the trial the court learned that the boy was tied up in a dungeon and sexually violated by strangers while his mother lived in a strip club in Germiston.

The boy said he was afraid of his ex-stepfather who is the co-accused in the matter and he wished he could be incarcerated so that he could feel a lot safer. The sentencing proceedings have been postponed to 27 June as one of the accused got new representation.

Source: News24, Opera News, image from News24

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