Homeless graduate Gibson Nzimande receives help from his former lecturer

The story of a homeless graduate who is keen on completing his master’s degree, touched the hearts of many and his former lecturer from the University of Johannesburg, Gibson Nzimande, a holder of an honour’s degree in gender studies from Unisa, was pulling his trolley with a big white bag full of recyclables through the busy Sandton traffic with one goal in mind.

The 34-year-old graduate’s story caught the attention of his former lecturer at the University of Johannesburg, Brett Bennett. “We set him up with clothes and we have been coordinating with the university and also just finding out this amazing story about this network he has and this resilience – it’s so emotional and we are so happy that he can restart,” Bennett said.

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Nzimande went against the stream as he carried his certificates in his plastic bag and slept in the bushes, but still remained focused on reaching his goal of becoming a lecturer. He applied for jobs with the money he received from the recyclables and ate the rest.

In 2019 Nzimande lost his house when his mother passed away and a family feud arose which resulted in him leaving his home and putting his master’s studies at UJ on hold. That did not deter him from chasing his goal of becoming a lecturer. “Challenges mustn’t bury you, but rather teach you a lesson. I took it as a challenge, but for me it was something to grow me in life,” said Nzimande.

Source: Eyewitness News, Good Things Guy, Talk702, YouTube, image from Eyewitness News

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