Chasing the dream: homeless man works to raise money to complete his Master’s Degree

Gibson Nzimande, a holder of an honours degree in gender studies, is determined to find a job and complete his master’s degree. Nzimande pulls his trolley with a white bag full of recyclable bottles and boxes through the oncoming traffic in Sandton and up the steep hill.

With the rolling blackouts caused by Eskom, which is affecting businesses across the country, the unemployment rate continues to get worse. President Cyril Ramaphosa has promised to make efforts to create jobs in the country, but ordinary South Africans are not relying on the government to create opportunities.

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The KwaZulu-Natal flood crisis has further affected the economy and the focus has been put on the affected people who have lost their families, possessions, and homes. The latest stats of the unemployment rate stand at 65,5% and the economy has taken a rough hit.

All these factors have not deterred Nzimande from pursuing his goal of achieving his master’s degree and get a good job. “I want to get a good job and then I want to finish my master’s. I’ve had that dream of becoming a lecturer.”

Gibson Nzimande pulls his heavy trolley with a white big bag with recyclables in it and pulls it up the steep hill in the busy streets of Sandton. He sleeps in the bushes and also recycles in the evening with his eyes set on completing his master’s degree.

The 34-year-old carries his certificates in a plastic bag and his master’s degree has been currently placed on hold at the University of Johannesburg. In 2019 Nzimande lost his house after his mother passed away and he could not pay for his studies anymore.

“I am trying to apply for a job each and everyday on the internet. The only thing I buy is food; I get R50, R70 a day,” he said.

Source: Eyewitness News, Talk702, image from Eyewitness News  

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