September 16, 2021

Dottry Media Pty Ltd. expanding its communities

At Dottry Media, we get to see these miracles on a daily basis. Our flagship publication, FiND iT, currently serves a million readers countrywide, with a steady footprint in Gauteng, Cape Town and the central region of South Africa. Miracles happen to ordinary people but to hear about it, it has to be shared.

As content director for the publications of Dottry Media, I saw the opportunity to expand our platforms to communities.

Two out of the six towns and cities that we earmarked are now receiving their community newspapers every week.

The first one, Kimberley Online Co. was used as a trial to see how the market would respond. The reaction was, to say the least, mind blowing.

Rudi Ferreira, Dottry Media’s COO, says the downside to print is that you don’t always know who your target market is. “Now, we can track every reader and analyze what they would like to read, how often and when. Keeping in mind that in the Kimberley area, we have a demographic of 259 000 people to work with and for us, it’s really important to bring news to every single one of those people.”

Ferreira says through Kimberley Online Co. a marketing vehicle was created for local advertisers, without them having to spend thousands on expensive national advertising.

“Our editor, Tania Coetzee, did an interview about a photographer who relied on his camera to fulfil his passion. Another article she did was about a pensioner who could not afford medical aid. Both of these people were helped by members of the community without them even asking for help. Because that’s what communities do.”

Kimberley Online Co. was rolled out on the first week of July and is already on its ninth edition.

Bloemfontein Online Co., with editor Caria van der Merwe, is on its fourth edition and already proof of the hunger for local content.

Four more communities will enter the market before June next year. If you missed an edition, visit

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