August 5, 2021

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A Pokémon obsessed woman, who owns an ultra rare Pikachu car, has spent thousands on her collection dedicated to the television series.

Grace Klich, from Virginia, US, has spent the last 11 years building her Pokémon collection and even drives an ultra rare Pikachu themed car – with just 10 ever being made.

The 25-year-old had always loved Pokémon as a kid and decided to start her collection in 2010 which she now estimates includes over 500 Pokémon items and also drives a yellow Pikachu themed Beetle. Since starting her collection, Grace has spent around £7K [$10K] on the items and now says that she is one of the most well-known collectors in the Pokémon community.

Grace added: “I only collect vintage Pokémon products. So when people look at my collection, immediately they get a rush of childhood memories, seeing things they may have had as a kid growing up with Pokémon. “It definitely makes my collection stand out because of this aspect of it. “I have spent thousands on my collection over the course of 11 years. “Without including the car, I would say I have spent close to £7K [$10K]. “My collection is currently made up of around 500 items. I don’t have the biggest collection in the community, but I aim to collect for quality and not quantity.”

Grace was around four years old when she received her first Pokémon toy and became obsessed ever since.

While a majority of Grace’s childhood toys did not make it into her collection, she does still have a single Raichu plush which she managed to keep from her childhood.

She said: “I was 14-years-old when I got my first item for my collection that did not come from my childhood. “It was some Jakks Plush from a yard sale in 2010 and I have been building my collection ever since. “The rarest item I own is the Pikachu animatronic that was one display at the now-defunct Pokemon Center New York store, which closed in 2005. It is one of my most prized pieces in my collection because of my love for the defunct store. “It is one of a kind. “While I own many amazing items, my favourite item still boils down to my Pokémon Wonderball. “Wonderballs were my favourite candy as a kid, and I was devastated when they were discontinued. “So combining two of my favourite childhood things, Pokémon and Wonderballs just brings me so much joy. “I am the only known collector that has a sealed Pokémon Wonderball in their collection.”

Grace says that her Pokémon collection has allowed her to meet people in the community that share the same love for Pokémon that she does.

She said: “I wouldn’t trade for anything. It has given me friendships with other collectors around the world that I cherish. “When Pokémon launched in the US in the late ’90s, people kept saying it would just be another fad like beanie babies, furbies, and pogs. “But here we are, 25 years later with today’s kids of all ages indulging in Pokémon just as we 90s babies did when Pokémon came out, along with us adult fans.”

“I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Pokémon.”

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