August 5, 2021

New lockdown rules allow for gatherings

This gazette states that gatherings of community engagements are permitted by the following groups of people to deal with emergency matters:

New lockdown rules allow for gatherings

New lockdown rules allow for gatherings photo credit: Canva

President Cyril Ramaphosa will have a meeting on Wednesday morning with the leaders of several political parties.

He has embarked on a round of consultations with the leadership from different sectors to develop a society-wide response to the violence and destruction affecting parts of the country.

The Presidency made a statement that, “This outreach supplements the mobilisation of the South African Police Service, the South African National Defence Force and other law enforcement bodies to prevent public violence, loss of life and damage to property”.

While Ramaphosa is in meetings with politicians, government officials will be meeting with informal and small business associations, community leaders and traditional leaders among others, particularly in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng.

Ramaphosa met with religious leaders on Tuesday evening and they’ve urged government to consider allowing religious gatherings as part of the effort to restore calm but mass gatherings are banned under Covid-19 regulations.

“The religious leaders expressed support for the deployment of the SANDF to support the police in stabilising the situation, and also called for a comprehensive response to the societal conditions enabling the events unfolding around the country,” the statement said.

Government has assured citizens that all law enforcement and security agencies are working together to protect Covid-19 vaccine storage sites, schools and medical facilities and that they have been tasked with stopping the violence in hotspots.

Sources: MSN, George Herald

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