Six of seven runners disqualified from British race for missing hurdle

Dharma Rain, seen here at at Uttoxeter in December, was the only horse to jump all the hurdles at Fontwell, thanks to the quick thinking of her jockey, Jack Tudor. Photograph: Steve Davies/

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM – Six of seven finishers in a British hurdle race on Sunday were disqualified for missing an obstacle as the seventh-placed horse on the course took victory.

Jockey Jack did not misinterpret

Stewards rushed onto the course at Fontwell in southern England with yellow arrows to ensure the runners moved around injured horse Bluebell Sally.

But only jockey Jack Tudor on Dharma Rain did not misinterpret that as an instruction to bypass the next hurdle.

Dharma Rain awarded win

After a lengthy enquiry, Dharma Rain, who had cantered home behind six of its competitors, was awarded the win.

“It was made very, very unclear, I thought,” Tudor told Sky Sports Racing. 

“It wasn’t done brilliantly at all. I just went with my gut instinct. There was nothing in the hurdle, so I jumped it.”

Easy mistake to make

Stewards opted not to ban any of the jockeys involved, accepting that it was easy to mistake the yellow arrows for being in the hurdle, which would have sent them around it.

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