September 16, 2021

Dinosaurs of Africa

Written by Anusuya Chinsamy-Turan and illustrated by Luis V. Rey

Struik Nature publishes Dinosaurs of Africa, a 64-page non-fiction book that contains fascinating facts on different dinosaur species, including fish-eating, sociable and predatory dinosaurs, as well as meat-eaters. Readers aged 9-12 with a special interest in these extinct creatures will love this publication. It is the new edition (April 2021) of the much-loved Famous Dinosaurs of Africa published in 2014.

The blurb on the back cover reads, Dinosaurs of Africa is … enhanced with the latest scientific information, newly discovered species, updated terminology and vibrant, fresh illustrations. Chinsamy-Turan is an acclaimed palaeobiologist based at the University of Cape Town. She has done extensive research on the remains of dinosaurs and birds. Rey uses bold, colourful illustrations to create vivid and accurate portraits of dinosaurs in what was their natural habitat.

Each chapter – there are 17 – starts with a short introduction. The publisher’s letter states, “Details are given about where these creatures were found, the meaning of their scientific names, and their size and diet … maps and line drawings further illustrate the subject, while ‘Facts’, ‘Unsolved’ and ‘Up close” add to the intrique.”

I enjoyed paging through Dinosaurs of Africa a lot. It is exciting to read about these extinct animals that actually lived on our continent. I learned that Africa was home to the only water-dwelling dinosaur ever known, and also that the world’s earliest dinosaur was discovered on the continent. Here are a few chapter titles to wet your appetite: Ole wrinkle-face, The mythical monster, The only Xhosa-named dinosaur, and The biggest meat-eating dinosaur of all time.

Get your copy of Dinosaurs of Africa here. It is perfectly suited for school projects too.

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