Alleged bicycle thief arrested

Picture: SAPS

The vigilance and alertness of Sgt Ben Eiman, the group leader of Group 2 of the Kathu Crime Prevention unit and members led to the apprehension and arrest of a male suspect and the recovery of an alleged stolen Raleigh bicycle, Friday evening, 13 November 2020 at approximately 23:40 in Kathu.

The members were conducting crime prevention patrols when they noticed the suspect with the bicycle . Sgt Eiman stopped and searched him. The bicycle was allegedly stolen in Pendoring street earlier.

The 28 year old man was arrested and charged for possession of suspected stolen property.

The police is making an urgent appeal to the public to implement additional safety measures this festive season as criminals start to operate during this period.

Always be on the lookout for suspicious persons and vehicles in your area:
Enhance security through fitting access doors with security gates and install burglar bars and windows.

Request your neighbors to keep an eye when you leave your premises , especially when you away for extended periods of time.

Verify the details of anyone claiming to be employees of companies before you allow them access to your property and ensure that bicycles, lawn mowers, toys and gardening implements are not lying around in the yard attracting attention.

We are also urging the public to reject and report stolen goods as it is a crime to buy stolen property.

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