Geen vuurwerke – ons is vir diere!

Help ons om vuurwerke te stop en ons diere te beskerm deur jou ondersteuning hier te gee.

Lewer kommentaar deur te “comment” jy is VIR diere en kom ons kyk hoeveel mense in Kimberley is vir diere.


18 thoughts on “Geen vuurwerke – ons is vir diere!

  1. Please think of the animals. They’re ears are sensitive and the stress levels can send them into shock. You’re pet is for life, crackers are only fun for a few seconds….

  2. Please stop all fireworks!!!!!!!!
    Its cruel and inhumane
    Rather have a laser show or celebrate in another way!!!!!!

  3. Ja ek stem vir geen vuurwerke ek voel dit is mishandeling teenoor die diere want hulle hoor 3 keer harder as ons hoe moet hulle net nie voel nie… WEG MET VUURWERKE!!!

  4. We need to ban the sale of fireworks, only then will we be able to make a difference…….all types of animals suffer due to firework, old people and babies also suffer as a result of fireworks – I would love to have them stopped.

  5. I love animals and I feel sorry for them. People does’nt care for the animals, they are scared for fireworks and there ears are also sensitive the the loud noise of it.


  6. I support you 100%
    I am so tired to see animals suffered by the human hands just because for a majority it’s huge fun
    But also don’t care about the consequences and the damages caused by fireworks
    Fireworks should be ban completely for being sold in the country.
    I thank you for the effort and time to start this difficult path to change the mind of government

  7. Hoeveel onskuldige diere moet nog getraumatiseer en beseer word voordat hierdie barbaarse gebruik stopgesit word?!!!

  8. Please stop this fireworks, our animals go crazy, for human its amusing but for our animals its not so nice. Please think of other people around you..

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